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Sometimes, one day is not enough to see everything. ECH rental offer monthly rentals for those who want to scout the beautiful Italian Riviera.

Monthly Bicycle Rental

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Wherever used herein, the term “equipment” shall include any equipment rented from ECH Rentals. ECH Rentals, its agents, servants, and employees shall not be responsible for personal injuries or property damage, loss, or delay incurred by any person arising out of the act of negligence of any direct or supplemental carrier or other person rendering any of the services or products being offered in these rentals; nor shall ECH Rentals be responsible for any injuries, death, damage, loss or delay in any means of transportation or by reasons of any event beyond the actual control of ECH Rentals, or of any agent or supplier, or due to force majeure. Renters follow any suggested itinerary at their own risk and agree not to hold ECH Rentals responsible for injury or death resulting from accidents. We strongly recommend the use of approved helmets whenever mounted on a bicycle. Helmets can be provided at no extra cost. The bicycles provided for use are in satisfactory operating condition and participants agree to use them at their own risk or call deficiencies to the attention of a company representative. ​Individual bike specifications are subject to change based on the availability of replacement components. Instruction in the use, assembly, and maintenance of bicycles will not be provided and participants affirm that they are competent and familiar with the use of a multi-speed bicycle.


    The rental of the bicycles shall be conducted on the premises of ECH Academy.

    PAYMENT TERMS Bike rental: Upon confirmation, a deposit of €50 per bike and/or €100 per Ebike is requested to secure your reservation. This deposit is applied to your invoice and the remaining balance is payable up to 21 days before your start date or your reservation is subject to cancellation.

    Cycling Holidays: Upon confirmation, a deposit of €200 per person/bike is requested to secure your reservation. This deposit is applied to your invoice and the remaining balance is payable up to 30 days before your start date or your reservation is subject to cancellation.


    Although all our bikes are professionally serviced before dispatch, bicycles may need tuning or maintenance during the course of the rental period; such maintenance will be carried out at the renter's expense. ECH Rentals will cover the cost of damages due to equipment failures beyond the renters' control; i.e. damage that occurred during transport or worn parts. Any deficiencies must be communicated to ECH Rentals within 48 hours of receipt of the equipment. To be eligible for a refund on such parts and services, you must provide ECH Rentals with a photo of the damaged or worn parts and an invoice for new parts or services. ECH Rentals is responsible for structural deficiencies such as damaged frames, worn bottom brackets, suspension, and wheel hubs. ECH Rentals is not responsible for the following occurrences during bike rental:

    gear tune-ups/punctures / broken spokes / broken chains / broken derailleurs / broken drop-outs / wheel rim damage / torn saddles / stripped threads on pedal crank/damage beyond the control of Cycling Rentals and resultant of rider use or misuse.

    If you are undertaking an unassisted bicycle tour we strongly recommend that you have some basic bicycle maintenance knowledge.


    Customer agrees he/she will return the equipment in the same good condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear accepted, and to repair and replace lost or stolen, damaged or broken bicycles or parts or to reimburse Cycling-Rentals for said equipment. Therefore regardless of the party at fault, the customer understands and agrees to be responsible for the theft or damage to said equipment.



    The customer understands and agrees that any subleasing of rental equipment is prohibited and that any such sublease shall immediately cause termination and cancellation of this contract. Only the client can operate the rented bicycle, and shall not allow anyone else to use the bicycle assigned/registered to the customer. Doing so will automatically cancel the refund of the deposit and shall not be allowed to use ECH Rental for any future purposes.


    Customer shall assume liability for any and all damage or loss of and to personal property, accident/injury to other persons related to the said rental equipment.


    ECH Rentals can provide at an extra cost a personal accident insurance policy. We strongly recommend that you always carry a personal or travel insurance policy.


    You may pay an additional Theft & Damage insurance fee which in case of theft or damage to the bicycle will reduce payments by half those on our Price List. In case of theft, a formal Police Report must be lodged and a copy must be forwarded to us in order to activate the insurance. In case of damage, a photo must be provided to us.

    Price List

    Theft, loss, and damage replacement values for our rental items. You may pay a small additional Crash & Theft insurance fee at the time of your booking, which will in case of theft or damage to the bicycle or equipment, reduce the full replacement cost by half.

    BH Silvertip Mens / Womens Suspension Touring Bike   €499.00 €249.50
    Fuji Granfondo 1.3 Carbon Race Bike   €1,499.00 €749.50
    Fuji Nevada 1.4 Mountain Bike   €525.00 €262.50
    Fuji Sportif 2.1 Road Bike   €799.00 €399.50
    Fuji Sportif 2.1 Road Touring Bike   €825.00 €412.50
    Kalkhoff Summit 2.0 36V E-Bike   €2,200.00 €1,100.00
    Univega Summit 2.0 36V E-Bike   €2,399.00 €1,199.50
    Adjustable Helmet   €28.00 €14.00
    Android Smartphone GPS   €189.00 €94.50
    Bike Saddle (Mens / Ladies)   €22.00 €11.00
    Clip On Mudguards   €8.00 €4.00
    E-Bike 500Wh Battery   €680.00 €340.00
    E-Bike Charger   €125.00 €62.50
    E-Bike Display   €98.00 €49.00
    First Aid Kit   €15.00 €7.50
    Garmin Dakota 20 GPS   €199.00 €99.50
    LED Front Light   €25.00 €12.50
    Light Panniers   €70.00 €35.00
    Lock   €8.00 €4.00
    Map Covers   €17.00 €8.50
    Mini Tool   €12.00 €6.00
    Pedal Wrench   €4.00 €2.00
    Rear Rack   €28.00 €14.00
    Side Mirror   €8.00 €4.00
    Simple Mobile / Cell Phone   €25.00 €12.50
    Smart Phone Holder   €15.00 €7.50
    Track Pump   €22.00 €11.00
    TT Aero Bars   €65.00 €32.50
    Waterproof Handlebar Bag   €60.00 €30.00
    Waterproof Panniers   €100.00 €50.00
    Cage Pedals   €18.00 €9.00
    Flat Pedals   €12.00 €6.00
    LOOK KEO type easy Pedals   €46.00 €23.00
    SPD Mountain Pedals   €27.00 €13.50
    SPD SL Road Pedals   €47.00 €23.50
    Wellgo-LOOK Type Road Pedals   €26.00



    Please note the following items are NON REFUNDABLE:

    Deposits for Ebikes reservations for bike rentals and cycling holidays


    An additional day’s rental fee will be charged for each day customer keeps equipment after the return date specified on this contract. All equipment must be returned directly to ECH Rentals or wherever agreed.


    The customer agrees that ECH Rentals has the right to terminate this agreement at any time and retake possession of said equipment and for said purpose ECH Rentals may enter upon the premises of the customer without becoming liable for trespass.


    All Cancellation requests must be received in writing.

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